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Table 4 Significant Correlations of Baseline Urinary Metal Excretion with Baseline Urinary Metal Excretion (only correlations >0.31 in magnitude are listed, corresponding to p = 0.01 on an individual comparison basis)

From: Safety and efficacy of oral DMSA therapy for children with autism spectrum disorders: Part A - Medical results

Metal Correlations
Pb Tl (0.37), As (0.44), Al (0.41)
Sn Tl (0.36), Sb (0.34)
Hg Sb(0.42)
Tl Sn (0.36)
Sb Sn (0.34), Hg (0.42)
W none
Al Pb(0.41)
Cd none
As Pb(0.44)