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Table 1 SAQ factor definitions and example items

From: Assessing Safety Culture in Pharmacies: The psychometric validation of the Safety Attitudes Questionnaire (SAQ) in a national sample of community pharmacies in Sweden

Factor definition Example of items included in factor
Job satisfaction: positivity about the work experience I like my job
This pharmacy is a good workplace
Teamwork climate: perceived quality of collaboration between personnel I receive the support I need from other staff in this pharmacy to help the customers.
The staff members at this pharmacy work together as a well-functioning team.
Safety climate: perceptions of a strong and proactive organizational commitment to safety I would feel safe as a customer here.
Dispensing errors are handled in a correct way at this pharmacy.
Perceptions of management: approval of managerial action The management of this pharmacy supports me in my daily work.
The management of this pharmacy would not consciously endanger patient safety.
Stress recognition: acknowledgement of how performance is influenced by stressors I am less efficient at work when I am tired.
I am more likely to make mistakes in stressful or unpleasant situations.
Working conditions: perceived quality of the work environment and logistical support (staffing, training, etc.) This pharmacy does a good job of training new staff members.
Newly employed staff is monitored adequately in this pharmacy