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Table 12 Stepwise linear regression analysis of change in platelet count (from baseline to beginning of phase 2, 1-2 months after DMSA therapy), based on excretion of metals after the 9thdose in phase one, and the change in glutathione.

From: Safety and efficacy of oral DMSA therapy for children with autism spectrum disorders: Part A - Medical results

  Adjusted R2 P- value Equation Most Significant Variables
Change in platelet count (both groups, n = 32) 0.41 0.02 7rnd group (3.71-331Tl9 +256Sb9+2.89As9-256Cd9-0.118Dglut) 1rnd group (-81.6 +28.3Tl9- 174Sb9+0.194As9+259Cd9+0.193Dglut) 7rnd - (Tl9***, As9**, Cd9*, Dglut*), 1rnd- (Dglut*)
Change in platelet count (7-rnd group only, n = 20) 0.41 0.02 3.71 -331 Tl9 +256Sb9 +2.89 As9 -256 Cd9 -0.118 DGlut Tl9**, As9**, Cd*, DGlut*
  1. Thallium (Tl), Arsenic (As), Cadmium (Cd), and change in glutathione (Dglut) are the best predictors of change in platelet count, for the case of analyzing both groups and for the case of the 7-round group only.