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Table 1 Knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP)-surveys about AMR in the hospital setting as reported in the English literature

From: Knowledge, attitudes and practice survey about antimicrobial resistance and prescribing among physicians in a hospital setting in Lima, Peru

Author Country Participants Main findings
Pulcini et al., 2010 Scotland, France Junior doctors
(n = 139)
95% agreed AMR is a national problem, 63% agreed so for their own clinical practice. Only 26% knew the correct local prevalence of methicillin-resistant S. aureus
Guerra et al., 2007 Brazil Mainly residents
(n = 310)
95% agreed AMR is a problem and 87% that AMs are overprescribed
Giblin et al., 2004 USA Health care workers
(n = 117*)
95% agreed that AMR is a national problem, 65% agreed for in their own practice
Srinisavan et al., 2004 USA House-staff physicians (other than paediatricians) (n = 179) 88% agreed that AMs are overused in general, 72% agreed so for their own hospital
Wester et al. 2002 USA Internal medicine doctors
(n = 490)
87% considered AMR as very important national problem
  1. AMR: antimicrobial resistance AM: antimicrobial
  2. * 33% of participants were physicians